gayle1_newGAYLE LEE, CEO.

My strengths are working with senior management and boards of directors in finding solutions for difficult problems, and ways to grow and expand using available resources. Working in highly political and sensitive areas, I am able to assist in helping define and reach goals, build team support, and address concerns. Change is inevitable whether it comes from compliance and regulatory changes or updating business practices. The human side of accepting, adapting, and embracing change is not always clear cut or easy which is why having a visionary to guide and lead your organization through the changes makes the process less painful and the outcome significant.

Besides helping existing nonprofits become stronger and more focused I also help with start ups. This help may begin with the basic paperwork and may include training new board members. Understanding what a board’s main responsibilities are and helping them learn to “speak in one voice” enhances the mission they are working towards.

Strategic planning is the road map an agency uses to get from the starting point to the goal. Without a plan many organizations are well intended but never get anywhere. I am able to assist with strategic planning that includes reaching the difficult goals such as funding.

Whatever the problem a nonprofit is facing the solutions are available. Maybe the nonprofit knows the solution but not how to get to it or maybe they don’t know how to solve a problem, but I do. let me help you find the solutions you are seeking.


Gayle Lee and her associates take on seemingly impossible endeavors. As a change agent myself for most of my career, I understand the complex dynamics that emerge within organizational systems – insecurities, hidden agendas, resistance to change, competing cultures, among others. I became aware of Gayle Lee and her associates after they were called upon to help transform another nonprofit in our area. Within a very short time many systems were assessed and transformation strategies developed and implemented. Positive change was the result. So impressed was I with G.Lee Resources that I called upon them to assist our organization in transition in our CFO role. The result again was significant positive change. Ethical, bold, compassionate, intuitive and visionary are words that come to mind when thinking of G. Lee Resources.

J.C. Dollar, CEO
Midland Empire Resources for Independent Living (MERIL)


Gayle Lee was introduced to me by a mutual client who needed to fundamentally change a privately-operated charity’s culture, approach and fundraising apparatus. In our first two-hour meeting, I was immediately impressed with Gayle’s focus, clarity, vision and ability to see the big picture. She does her homework and research before suggesting a path to success. Then, she keeps the main thing the main thing and does not get caught up in minutia. She keeps her team motivated by her willingness to lead them through mine fields, and when she senses she’s going down the wrong rabbit hole, she changes course. She was a joy to work with and her results speak for themselves!! I would work with her again should the opportunity arise.

General Hal M. Hornburg (USAF, Ret)
HMH Associates, LLC


I  worked with Gayle Lee from about 2005 until 2011 while she was the Executive Director of the Loma Linda Veterans Association for Research (LLVARE).  My role was as President of the LLVARE Board during that entire time.  Gayle was a dynamic and very strong Executive Director at a time of significant change and development of LLVARE. Prior to my membership on the Board, and at the time of Gayle’s arrival at LLVARE, the financial situation at LLAVRE was dire with questions if payroll could be even met.  Within 18 months she had worked with investigators to turn $1 million in DOD funding into $14 million in DOD contracted research.  This stabilized the financial status and allowed the progressive rebuilding of institutional reserves. She managed around 120 employees in two research programs in two different states, was active in recruitment of new investigators, developed and implemented internal controls and strong internal policies and procedures. During this time she also reduced central administrative overhead from 50% to 25% of the overall budget, and helped increase the clinical trial research from 21% to 36% of the overall budget. I am happy to recommend her as a strong leader of a non-profit corporation who has demonstrated the ability to turn around a program with major structural problems.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Philip J. Roos, M.D.


G. Lee Resources jumped right in when we needed them most.  Gayle worked with our non-profit on strategy, board development and fundraising. Kola took on the bookkeeping duties and advised us on accounting and financial re-organization.  They were able to provide exceptional service from their own offices, and they came to our offices when necessary to conduct face-face meetings or to gather information. I recommend them because of their experience and knowledge, and I like to work with them because of their kindness, their compassion and their connectivity.

Dr. Bruce E. Bloom
President and Chief Science Officer
Cures Within Reach


I have been fortunate to work with John professionally for over a decade and can attest to his ability to intelligently bridge the gap inherent to all EHRs between clinical needs and technical function. EMRs can be compared to the engines of high performance race cars. They need to be modified and tuned so that they are screaming down the track winning races and not sitting in the shop.

John combines his abilities as a great practicing clinician and his expertise as a board-certified clinical informaticist to incorporate new technology and clever ideas into what otherwise would be a clunky EMR. His creative solutions are a large reason that our ED meets compliance requirements, achieves maximal coding opportunities, and maintains a highly efficient workflow. All this adds up to exceptional staff and patient satisfaction.

Tom Scaletta
Edward Hospital Emergency Department Medical Director
President, Smart-ER