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A Program Review is a snapshot of the program right now using tools such as current standards, regulations, compliance and licensing requirements. This gives a nonprofit organization, foundation or association, the ability to review programs and make corrections based on real time information. Frequently program reviews look in depth at a specific program or the overall organization paying attention to internal controls and critical functions. The Program Review is presented to the board and senior staff with recommended areas of improvement and enhancement and suggestions how to improve processes and outcomes.


There are some traits every strong voluntary board share with one another. Boards may be voluntary or mandated but they share common requirements. Board members need to understand the legal implications of serving on a board. There are certain safeguards for the board.  One of those  is ongoing board training, updates regarding legal requirements of board membership but also help in understanding the fiducial responsibility of board membership and how to function enough as a group to speak in one voice . Each board member should be trained on the mission and goals of each program but also on compliance and regulatory requirements. Board members need to learn how to practice accountability as a board and how to hold staff responsible for each job function. How is the Executive Director/CEO doing and how is the position evaluated?  There are many areas the board needs to keep up with and the best way to do so is the board development and training.


With years of experience from leadership, fundraising, board development and planning, to program growth, and financial transparency one resource offered is to train on site at the nonprofit organization or association. These specialized classes are crafted to fit the specific needs of the nonprofit. It may be board development or fundraising, increasing membership, relevancy of programs, or change management. These classes may be one class, a retreat, or several onsite classes/seminars working with board members, senior staff and/or program managers. These classes are deigned to fit the topic and budget of each client.


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