Turnaround Management


Organizational Change rejuvenates and renews programs that are stagnant, have regulatory and compliance problems, or have stopped growing. This involves an overall analysis of each program and the functions of all the programs as a whole. Organizational Change helps take the board and staff through a course of action allowing a clearer vision, new goals, and accurate information needed to make important ongoing decisions.

A Change Manager can help in a variety of ways. At times it may be needed to have the Change Manager function as an Interim CEO/ED to stay onsite while the analysis is completed and implemented. At other times the Change Manager comes in and works with current staff and board members to analyze, review needs, and as a team implement changes.

Such change is needed when:

  • There is an emergency and the agency is faces dire circumstances if change does not occur. This could have to do with compliance, regulations, grants, financial, or when other serious issues have been discovered;
  • Distress within a program has been identified. It could be that the community no longer needs the services offered or the perceived quality of services being provided has diminished. It could be that a program is about to lose funding.
  • Change used as a building tool will positively impact the entire program.  A direction change or new strategy may help the program grow; bringing in a change manager is a proactive way to help the program before it becomes a crisis situation.

Turnaround Management


A Change Agent evaluates the most serious needs first. It is not unusual in a distressed organization for boards or upper management to only be aware of part of the problems, but suspecting additional problems. Additional information becomes known as the analysis process unfolds. Once the most acute needs are addressed, individual programs, internal controls, regulatory and compliance issues are addressed.

When there is no immediate crisis, the restructuring begins with analysis as in the other scenarios but then is combined with strategic planning to gain an attainable vision and plan for the future.


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